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Our uniform is black/navy & white and we ask that all children wear this.

We would also like them to have at least one outer garment with the school logo on.

These items can be purchased via Gasgoine Clothing (link below).


Footwear should be dark closed toe shoes, also socks/tights should be plain black/navy, white or grey.



Password is rainbow1718


As trousers, skirts and dresses can be purchased from any supermarket we do not sell these.

School Uniform

School Uniform 1 Book Bags - Various colours
School Uniform 2 PE Bags - Various colours
School Uniform 3 Polo shirts - Navy or white
School Uniform 4 Shower Proof Coats
School Uniform 5 Sweatshirts
School Uniform 6 Full zip fleece
School Uniform 7 Cardigans
School Uniform 8 PE T-shirts & PE Shorts