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In Sunbeams you will find Mrs Taylor and Mr Wale.

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What is a nurture group?

A nurture group is a small class of children who remain part of a class group but also spend a significant amount of time within the Nurture room. Our nurture group supports children to meet the social and intellectual demands of school like, improving their self-confidence and self-esteem, through a carefully planned curriculum.


Nurture Group Principles.

1. Children’s learning is understood developmentally.

Planned activities within the nurture group reflects the curriculum of similar children in the school but is adapted as appropriate for the developmental stage of each child in the nurture group. Nurture Group staff meet regularly with class teachers to discuss the children's’ learning, emotional needs and their progress.

2. The classroom offers a safe base.

The nurture room provides a bridge between home and school, a warm and friendly environment where children feel emotionally safe and secure.

3. The development of self-esteem is an important aspect of the nurture group.

With a growing self-esteem children will be more able to face the challenges of every day life, to solve problems and to tackle new experiences. 4. The development of language skills for communication is vital.

Great attention is paid to the use of language with high levels of child/adult interactions, everything is explained and explored.

5. All behaviour is communication.

The children learn acceptable ways of communicating their likes, dislikes and feelings. There is a clear rewards and sanctions system, understood by the children, within the group.

6. We recognise the importance of transition in children's lives.

Managing transitions is a key feature of our Nurture Group, preparing the children for day-to-day events and changes to the usual routines.


Which Children? Which Adults?

Through discussion with staff children are considered for a place in the nurture group. Through observation and discussion a ‘Boxall Profile’ is completed and analysed. Members of the Senior Leadership Team, in particular Mrs Holmes our Deputy Head and SENCO, use this information to select children. A teacher (Mrs Holmes) and two higher level teaching assistants (Mrs Welsh and Mrs Taylor) are attached to the nurture group, planning an appropriate curriculum and modelling good relationships.


A Nurture Group Session

Each session is planned to meet the emotional and learning needs of each child. A range of practical activities, rich in speaking and listening, take place with an over arching group focus for developing the children's social and emotional needs. Each child also has an individual personal and social target which is developed through relationships with adults and other children within the room. The National Curriculum and information from the Boxall Profile analysis are used to plan for the group and individuals.


Emotional Literacy

We understand the importance of developing children's ability to talk about how they are feeling and how to manage these emotions. This development of the children's emotional literacy has a high priority within our Nurture Group.


Sharing Meal Times

Meal times are an important part of the Nurture Group session. The children learn to socialise with each other, to eat and enjoy others company during a meal time, to try new foods, to take turns, to learn acceptable ways of making their needs, likes and dislikes known, and to take on helpful roles within the group, e.g. washing up, laying the table, pouring drinks.


What next?

The children's progress within the Nurture Group is regularly reviewed and is measured termly using the Boxall Profile, the National Curriculum and on-going observations. As the children learn and grow, both academically and socially they develop confidence, become responsive to others, take pride in behaving well and in their own achievements.

A key aim of the nurture group is for the children to develop the necessary skills to be able to integrate positively into their peer and class group. Following discussions with parents, class teachers and nurture group staff, a process for re-settlement within the class group is planned and a gradual withdrawal from the Nurture Group implemented.



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