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Routes to Resilience

As part of our Routes to Resilience work we have been developing our Character Muscles. In this session we were working on our Team Work and Co-operation skills whilst developing our Problem Solving Skills. We had to try to get the Lego pieces out of a block of ice and then build a model to match a picture. Red Group were the group to finish the challenge first. Well done Red Group! 

Warwick Castle

This half-term our topic has been 'Once Upon a Time: Castles, Kings and Queens.

As part of the topic we have learnt about Castles and created our own non-fiction booklets about them. We also went for a visit to Warwick Castle. We had a fantastic day and we were all very tired by the end of the day!

Where the Wild Things Are Dance Workshop

We had a Dance Workshop based around the book Where the Wild Things Are to help us to celebrate World Book Day. We had a great time!

World Book Day 2019

World Book Day 2019 1
World Book Day 2019 2
World Book Day 2019 3
World Book Day 2019 4
World Book Day 2019 5

Our Visit to St Mary's Church

We went to St Mary's Church to find out about a Christian place of Worship. We did a Church Search and looked for important features of the Church. We created a collage, made Doves, watched a Baptism, iced biscuits and coloured in Stained Glass Windows. We had a fabulous morning.


As part of our topic on Explorers we also thought about Space Explorers and how they would travel. We designed and made our own rockets.


As part of our topic on Explorers we have been thinking about how some Famous Explorers travelled. We realised that quite a few explorers travelled by boat. In our Design Technology lessons we designed and then made our own boats. We were very proud of the finished products. Have a look at our fabulous creations.

Fruit Faces

In our Design Technology work we have designed and made a Fruit Face to encourage younger children to eat more fruit. First we tasted a range of different fruits. Then we designed our Fruit Faces. We thought about the fruits that we would use and we had to write a list of what we would need. After that we made our Fruit Faces. We got to eat them and they were delicious!

Our Skeletons

We have been learning about our bodies. We have learnt to name the parts of our body and some of the parts of our skeleton.

We looked at a giant skeleton and  made some Skeletons using cotton buds.