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All children in at Overdale Infant School have daily phonics sessions. Phonics is a crucial part of Foundation Stage and Key Stage One as it gives children confidence and helps them become independent readers and writers.

Our school is a Universal school for the Knowledge Transfer Centre scheme for Phonics and Reading. This is a project for phonics and reading based on Letters and Sounds developed by Literacy Consultant Ann Smallberger.

Children also learn to read and spell tricky words; words which don’t rely on phonics. 

Phonics is taught through various phases:

  • Phase 1 focuses on everyday sounds, rhythm and rhyme, alliteration and orally segmenting and blending.
  • Phase 2 focuses on learning all single sounds and how to read and write them in words.
  • Phase 3 focuses on learning simple digraph and trigraph sounds and applying these to words and sentences (for example, ighooear and er)
  • Phase 4 focuses on learning adjacent consonants in words (for example, flpr,cr and st)
  • Phase 5 focuses on learning alternative digraph and trigraph sounds and applying these to words and sentences (for example, iephoe and ai)

Children in Year 2 start with recapping phase 5 of phonics before moving on spelling rules and patterns.

When we read in phonics we:

  • Read new and old graphemes that make the same sound.
  • Read words moving a card across the graphemes.
  •  The children say: “Look at the letters, make the sounds and blend the sounds together”

When we write in phonics we:

  • Write different words using the sound
  • Use correct letter formation (ascenders and descenders and only capital letters in the correct place)
  • The children say: “Say the word, finger the word, write the word”