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Further Support

Household Support Fund

The authority has received funding of £6.8 million which they plan to distribute to the most vulnerable households within the City. Their focus in this scheme is to support those who have not received financial support from the Government Cost of Living payments and the previous grant period of this scheme between 30 May 2023 and the end of February 2024. Click the links below for more information.

School letter to all families

Leicester City Household Support Fund website



Holiday Activities and Food Programme

Children and young people who receive benefits related free school meals can take part in a free holiday activities and food (HAF) programme over the summer holiday. The programme sessions will include a variety of activities, such as art, sport and music and a healthy meal will be provided each day your child attends.

This summer, you can register for up to four weeks of free programmes.

Before you register, please consider the:

• location of the programme and how your child will get there

• days and the time of the programme

• age range of the programme

The full list of HAF providers and weeks they are running programmes can be found in the link below:

Holiday Activities and Food Programme Letter