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Year 2 Great Fire of London Re-enactment

On Friday 7th December Year 2 finished off their Great Fire of London topic by recreating the fire on a much smaller scale. The children had made Tudor houses from cereal boxes and then agreed that their houses could be included in Overdale's own Pudding Lane. Then, making sure the children were a safe distance away and behind the Rainbow's fence, the teachers started the fire in the Pudding Lane bakery. The children were able to see first hand how the fire spread due to the houses being so close together. They observed how the wind fanned the flames and moved the fire along the row of houses. Even when a group of houses fell over and created a gap between the houses and the fire the children watched as the fire still manage to spread to these houses. 

At the end the children discussed how destructive the fire had been and what little was left of their houses. They thought about how the people of London in 1666 would have felt losing everything they owned in the fire. We also talked about being safe at home and the importance of fire safety following on from the fire service visit recently.