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Healthy Minds! Active bodies!

Joe Wickes - The Body Coach

Starting on Monday 23rd March Joe will be leading a live daily workout on his You Tube channel starting at 9.a.m. for children experiencing school closure.

Joe says: 

With the schools closed and with us all spending more time at home, it's more important than ever that we keep moving and stay healthy and positive.

Exercise is an amazing tool to help us feel happier, more energised, and more optimistic.

The workouts will be fun and suitable for all ages and even the adults can get involved.

You don't need any equipment, so just tune in to my YouTube channel at 9am each morning for a 30-minute, fun workout.

One more thing! I really need your help to spread this message. So please please share this with everyone that might like to get involved, and together we can help keep the nation moving.


Jump Start Jonny

Jump Start Jonny's web-site includes some free content. Similar to Joe Wickes he aims to get the nation moving and keep us fit and healthy.

His site includes: Energizers, Challenges, Chillouts, Mindfulness Activities and Beatz where you can design your own routines to his music.


Spread the Happiness

Shonette Bason Wood and the Spread the Happiness Team are providing a free download of 100 things to do Indoors. You can upload pictures of you doing these things to their web-site AND of course our Facebook pages! Enjoy!


Dough disco

Developed by Shonnette Bason Wood Dough disco is a program that helps to develop children's fine motor skills through the manipulation of play dough. Children manipulate playdough in time to Nursery Rhymes or songs. These sessions are great fun and help to develop children's  pencil control and their letter and numeral formation.

Leicester City SSPAN (School Sports and Physical Activity Network)

Leicester City SSPAN have created a newsletter with lots of websites and activity ideas for keeping minds and bodies healthy whilst at home. Some of the web-sites have already been mentioned on this page but there are lots of others too!



Netflex includes lots of links to different types of fitness videos for adults and children.


Leicester City SSPAN (School Sports and Physical Activity Network) Active Anita 14 Day Challenge

Leicester City SSPAN have created a character called Active Anita. They have developed a 14 day challenge with a range of different activities across the 14 days. There is also a You Tube video connected to the challenge. See the links below for the Parent Letter, Active Anita's 14 Day Challenge and the You Tube video.

Andy's Wild Workouts

For those Andy fans out there join him as he visits amazing places and learns to move like the animals he finds there.

Funky Feet Music


Children's Educational music to get you a toe tapping, foot stomping, thigh slapping, tummy tickling, hand clapping, instrument playing, lycra pulling, parachute waving, bottom wriggling. A fun filled experience for both carers and children alike.

Leicestershire NHS Partnership Healthy Kids

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust have developed a self-care kit for primary school aged children which is aimed at looking after their emotional health and wellbeing during this time.


The kit covers lots of topics, including staying healthy, handling emotions, letting go of worries and staying connected, plus some fun things to do whilst at home. There are breathing exercises, advice on conversation starters, a postcard that can be filled in with a message to family member or friend they are missing and much more.