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Art and Design

Art and Design stimulates children’s creativity and imagination by providing visual, tactile and sensory experiences and a unique way of responding to the world.


At Overdale Infant School we aim to provide children with the opportunity to express themselves imaginatively and creatively. The children are exposed to a broad range of art to both engage in and experience how it can enrich their personal lives. We explore how art and design reflect in history, contemporary life and culture. Additionally we aim to create many cross-curricular links with Dance, Music and Drama along with other areas of the curriculum. We also intend to support the development of character muscles and learning through play and enjoyment.






The children engaged in an 'Enchanted Forest' theme Art Week. Throughout the week the children created a range a drawings, paintings, sculptures, collages, writing and role play which linked to our whole school theme and they also watched a fantastic performance organised by Spark Arts called 'Poggle'. At the end of the week the children showcased their work in an open gallery which parents attended. What a phenomenal week it was!

Art and Design Curriculum Overview

Art and Design Curriculum Overview